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Re: AF or shutter

ioana o wrote:
I did check the you-know-what but don\'t have time now to go through all of it. I did read the you-know-what quite a few times since I got the camera, but I am not a photographer. My job is quite demanding and when I am away (I travel a lot) I just get disconnected from everything. Thanks for being so nice and reminding me of the you-know-what that was by my side, open, maybe not at the right page.
I might stupid, not able to read, maybe didn\'t go to school. Maybe I got the camera as a present, or maybe I stole it. However it got in my hands, when I am politely asking a question, I like people to reciprocate.

Pardon me.

My original response was genuine. Having a dead or dying backup battery can produce strange results.

My second response about the \'you-know-what\' was prompted by Colin\'s good advice. It was also genuine. The \'you-know-what\' comment was aimed squarely at me. I should have remembered that this was a property of the camera settings.

My job is also quite demanding, and I travel a lot. Fifty-one flights so far this year. Even though I\'m very busy and it\'s an especially trying time of the year, I try to remember my manners.

Happy New Year.

I hope you don\'t take offense.

P.S. OP reply quoted above was deleted before I could post this reply. The quotation stands.

Dec 26, 2011 at 02:33 AM

  Previous versions of jcolwell's message #10193610 « AF or shutter »