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Re: 40D vs. 50D ....

We had two 40D\'s and two 50D\'s and with the 24-105,they both showed CA which is easily corrected PP.

Wide open there was more CA on the 40D,stopped down more on the 50D.

Stopping down reduced the CA on both the 40D and the 50D...more so on the 40D.

Other then wide open there was less CA on the 40D...but we sold both 40D\'s.

My wife likes the 24-105 and still uses it on her 50D.

Occasionally used the 24-105 in the past on FF(5D or 1Ds2,CA shows more on the 1Ds2)or use on 1.3 crop(1D2 or 1D2n,CA shows more on 1D4).

Don\'t use the 24-105 anymore,since it is usually in my wife\'s bag.

If I had to use the 24-105...prefer to use it on the 5D...but we sold the 5D.

More often then not... usually have something 300 or over mounted on the 50D.

Other zoom lenses I use on the 50D,the Canon 17-40 or the Tokina 11-16 if I want wide...also use the 28-70/2.8 occasionally,but prefer to use this lens on FF or a 1.3 crop...If I don\'t have a super-tele on the 50D\'s,usually either the 70-200/4 for close ups or the 70-200/2.8 for longer distances or portrait.

Thought a few times about getting the 17-55/2.8,but can\'t get past shelling out that many clams for a lens with that kind of build quality.

Happy Holidays!

Boomer Depp

Dec 24, 2011 at 01:36 PM

  Previous versions of Depp's message #10190984 « 40D vs. 50D .... »