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Re: Canon 5D II purchase story

Gregg B. wrote:
Check this page out. And, once on it click on the \" recorded conversation\" link. This is how scums make money on digital cameras. It goes without saying.... You never ever order anything from New York store unless it\'s B&H or Adorama.
Read the article too to understand what happened.

Here is the link: http://mansurovs.com/ajrichard-beware-buying-camera-from-unauthorized-sellers#more-15384

This is amazing! I am sorry you and your friend had to go through all this.

If I were your friend, I would pursue this with my credit card company right away!

I once bought something from a Yahoo advertised vendor who did not lie to me like \"Mark\" fellow you spoke to, however kept saying the item is shipped only to make up a story a week later saying why it had not been shipped. This took several weeks. I called my credit card company, Yahoo Resolution (by the way they are absolutely USELESS), BBB and anyone else I could think of. The initial few people I spoke to at my credit card bank were not that helpful telling me I should have done it in 30 days, 60 days or 90 days! It seemed like based on what day I called I would get a different ruling!!!! Finally as I was almost ready to give up, I called my credit company one more time, and spoke to someone who was really upset to hear what this vendor had done to me. She asked me to send all my correspondence with the vendor to her attention directly and debited the vendor\'s account for the full amount and credited my account right away.

PLEASE pursue these creeps through your credit card company, BBB and anyone else you can think of so they know there are people who\'ll fight back and the only way to do business is the honest way.

Dec 23, 2011 at 06:21 PM

  Previous versions of arnold1's message #10189358 « Canon 5D II purchase story »