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Re: 5DII image artifact

squareeyez wrote: ...There seems to be some grid-like, linear noise/artifact that I usually see with low light. ...Any thoughts or input on that, as well as C&C on the shot are very well taken and appreciated.

Very nice shot; I love the composition.

One of the problems with shooting a white subject lit by overhead sunlight is the problem of excessive dynamic range. If you expose less, you can get noisy darks, as we see here. If you increase the exposure, the whites are blown. I think you did the best you could for the time of day and the kind of light you were faced with.

Lower ISOs usually have somewhat wider DR, and I think you could have got by with a slower shutter in this case. Also, raw has a bit higher headroom than JPEG; what mode did you use?

Finally, a bit of selective noise reduction can clean up the worst spots, and by masking the subjects you can preserve detail in them. Here's a quick attempt by way of example:

Dec 17, 2011 at 07:15 PM

  Previous versions of BrianO's message #10174523 « 5DII image artifact »