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Portrait lens help

I am slowly figuring out that my newly acquired 35L while great, is not really a good or true portrait lens. I find it good for environmental portraits like this:

But not so much for true portraits like this, which i shot with my 60mm macro on my old cropper:

I really miss my 60 and to be honest never wanted to sell it, however as we all know does not work with my newly acquired 5D.

The next lens in my lineup will be the 135L however I am thinking it may be a little too long, even on a FF and I may need something between. I had posted up this photo:

Before and was told that I had to watch my cropping when in fact I was aware of this however with my back against a wall could not get any farther away. The effective focal length was 60x1.6 = 96mm so I can only assume the 135L would have been worse in this same situation.

So I guess my question is, what would you guys recommend between the 35L and the 135L. The 85 II is totally out of budget and from what I read a little slow to focus (im very impatient). I had the 85/1.8 on my cropped but never used it much since it was \"too long\" for most situations. Being that Ive gone fully L I wasn\'t sure if the 85/1.8 would let me down in terms of color and clarity.

Sorry if this was long and drawn out. Basically I want a nice portrait lens and wanted to know what you guys thought. Thanks!

Dec 15, 2011 at 05:11 PM

  Previous versions of misternikko's message #10169168 « Portrait lens help »