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Re: Shooting video with Sony NEX-5N

I rely on NEX-5N for low-light and super-wide shots - tasks that are beyond the capabilities of typical consumer camcorders with tiny sensors and rather narrow 28/35/40mm lenses. Sony A77/A65 have by far the best video AF capabilities on the market right now and the incredibly smooth 1080 60p video.

Video Focus:

Just like still photography, some skills and practices are required to obtain properly focused videos no matter what type of camera is used.

A camcorder has a tiny sensor and huge DOF so keeping things in focus at the wide end is easy. However, shooting in the telephoto range or under low-light situations will still be challenging. Low to mid-range camcorders don\'t have a way to switch on and off AF instantly so once the AF starts to hunt, the user is powerless to do anything about it. Shooting events with a camcorder under low-light conditions, I use AF/MF switch constantly to prevent the AF from hunting and use the MF ring/knob when light levels drop below AF capabilities.

NEX-5N AF does a really good job under bright light. Since it has much shallower DOF, keeping everything in focus under low-light situations requires a little more care and planning. Doing a foreground-to-background shot, just check to make sure the camera can quickly lock focus on the two subjects before recording. Doing a panning shot where there are a lot of say Christmas lights everywhere that can throw the AF off, just shoot with a wide-angle lens and record with MF. Simple common-sense techniques can deliver excellent videos. BTW, I programed one of the 5N buttons as AF/MF switch.

1080 60p:

Absolutely love it and won\'t shoot at any other frame rate. Keep in mind that filmmakers like Cameron, Lucas, Spielberg and others are all pushing for the 48fps movie standard because they are tired of the outdated, choppy 24fps film standard dictated by 90% of the theaters worldwide that are still using 24fps film projectors. It always amazes me to see people whose home videos will NEVER be converted and projected on film projectors shooting kid sports at 24fps when their cameras are capable of higher frame rates because they want to be like filmmakers.

NEX-5N video quality:

Download and see for yourself how the 5N 60p video quality compares to Canon 60D 25p or google for 5D2 samples:

Notice how the moving subjects appear at 25fps and this is the reason why no sports events are broadcasted at 24/25fps anymore:

NEX-5N 1080 60p OTOH is absolutely silky smooth and clean even at night:

Dec 11, 2011 at 07:16 PM

  Previous versions of A.Y.'s message #10157948 « Shooting video with Sony NEX-5N »