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Re: Need Help With Flash

BrianO wrote:
tandlh wrote: ...Gave up on Av for flash. Go manual mode, set apperture as you wish, then set a shutter speed up to the max synch speed dependent upon how much of the natural light you want to impact the image. Then shoot with the flash and adjust + or - flash exposure compensation from there.

This is how I do it most of the time, too. Manual exposure mode puts me in control of the ambient exposure.

I usually use ETTL Autoflash even with Manual camera mode, but for total control I\'ll go to Manual flash, as well.

outlawyer wrote: The manual is useless to a dullwitted creature such as myself.

This may help: http://bluecranedigital.com/Understanding-the-Canon-Speedlite-580EX-II-430EX-II

Also ditto on Syl Arena\'s Speedliter\'s Handbook.

Ditto, this was the first thing that fixed my flash probs, going into manual on the camera. Ii actually found another book to be a great starting place

On camera flash techniques for wedding and portrait photographers. Between them, they are a really food starting point for a newb to flash like me.

Dec 08, 2011 at 02:48 PM

  Previous versions of h00ligan's message #10149706 « Need Help With Flash »