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Bob Jarman
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Re: Too tight?

First - the OOC version.

Initially I was drawn to the tilt of her head in conjunction with the orthogonal lines of the eyes and lips; two balancing negative spaces at lower right and upper left. Cropped down to remove directly lighted area on top of head and obviously undesirable background..

Critique of myself - tendency to be too tight so opted for the crop in original. But I do prefer more natural, candid if you will, images that those obviously posed and/or orchestrated.

Upon further review, I think ROT serves well in this case - too much forehead, and placement two pluses. I'm not pleased with the light blanket at the base (in my crop) maybe I can do more there or move to the tighter crop.

Subject: AbbyJo, age 5 months, most recent addition to our eldest daughter's family.



Nov 23, 2011 at 09:06 PM

  Previous versions of Bob Jarman's message #10110495 « Too tight? »