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Archive 2012 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)
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p.26 #1 · p.26 #1 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)

Great thread and stunning images! Some from me before I kick the bucket



Nex5N+OM 90/2 Macro

Nex5N+OM 21/2

Dec 25, 2012 at 02:39 AM
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p.26 #2 · p.26 #2 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)

jason9101 wrote:
Such amazing photography, I'm totally in love with it. Glad that I've found this forum. http://www.ovirfh9384.info/images/14.gif

I felt the same way, it's now my second home, welcome to the addiction.

Dec 25, 2012 at 03:27 AM
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p.26 #3 · p.26 #3 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)

Deadwolfbones, Carstenw, and Helimat, thank you!

Carsten, funniest thing about shot of the boy is that it wasn't posed. I had left the issue on the counter upside down. He picked it up to look at the back cover upside down, just like the child on the cover, and I literally had my camera in my hand showing it to my brother-in-law. Decisive moment, indeed.


Dec 25, 2012 at 05:39 AM

Search in Used Dept. 

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p.26 #4 · p.26 #4 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)

So when is the next end of the world expected?

Dec 25, 2012 at 09:32 AM
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p.26 #5 · p.26 #5 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)

deadwolfbones wrote:
Also, as a general rule I'd support keeping political discussions out of photo threads. Maybe do what Pentaxforums did and create a separate subforum for political discussion where those who are so inclined can take all their debate. I come here to look at photos, discuss gear, and generally improve my knowledge of photography. I get more than enough political talk at other forums I go to.

Happy holidays, everyone.

carstenw wrote:
I agree, but so many of us in this forum don't go to other forums or sub forums, so I guess it won't work. Maybe a separate thread for politics?

AhamB wrote:
I've found some great stuff (not about to politics but related to it) in the Forum & Miscellaneous forum. It doesn't make sense to me to make a politics thread in an alt gear forum though -- you could just open a thread in the F&M forum and link to it to invite ppl to discuss there, but whatever floats your boat.

I like the way it is here now. It keeps it interesting. The way I see it being here now is that 94% of the time we discuss "alt" gear and photography 3% of the time (being about once a month) we discuss non-alt gear and photography, and 3% of the time something is happening on the social or political landscape which affects the FM majority to the point where there's some discussion of it. The gun thing is a perfect example! I guess over half here are Americans and UK is a bit related in my POV with their contribution of the Magna Carta and all. So when a portion of our political system or some segment of our society is in crisis or undergoing major change it's only natural IMO that it gets brought up.

We're all human here (I think) so keeping things 100% topical all of the time isn't really possible nor would that be desirable! Plus the policing that would be needed for that to happen would cause me to leave for one! Two things that keep me coming here are 1) the great photography and knowledge and 2) the sane adult style moderation almost exclusive to this site! I can totally understand and agree with the utilitarian concept of a mod or admin deleting personal attack posts, deleting threads with only/mostly an off-topic intent, but when the discussion goes to something like guns or god in the ways it has here in the past 4 years I see it as perfectly natural, completely expected, interesting, and desirable! It's not like there are some or even one idiot here who always goes there or is even very rude when it does go there.

In this thread one person said he detected negativity but I certainly didn't see any! No one else said they saw any. It was very civil, eloquently written, and relatively short lived - just like it always is here. And that's a pretty awesome thing IMO. Wonderful! I dig it! That one person is in some personal or emotional crisis and sees negativity where there is none is out of our control. In this case as it will just naturally be with these sorts, it had nothing to do with the topic being on or off topic to the sub-forum. He was freaking out just days earlier over a completely topical discussion too after all. I don't judge him for anything, heck I've had my freak-out moments in the past too with forum participation. It happens. I wish him as well as all of you a very merry Christmas, great holiday experiences, and prosperous enjoyable lives! I'm digging the people and conversation here at FM a lot and don't hope for any forced change in the structure, rules, or employment thereof. It's all good!

  DMC-GH2    1/4000s    400 ISO    +0.3 EV  

  DMC-GH2    1/640s    320 ISO    0.0 EV  

  DMC-GH2    1/160s    320 ISO    -2.3 EV  

  DMC-GH2    1/320s    160 ISO    -0.7 EV  

Dec 25, 2012 at 11:41 AM
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p.26 #6 · p.26 #6 · Best Alt Images, EVER! (before we all die)

Some taken with the Lumix G1 and the G Vario f3.5-f5.6 14-45mm Aspheric zoom lens except 2nd image Canon G10; Washington State, all taken in October 2012.


Mount Rainier Summit, Mount Rainier NP

Diablo Lake, North Cascades NP

Diablo Lake, North Cascades NP with Gold-N-Blue Pol. set to Gold

Diablo Lake, North Cascades NP looking south toward Thunder Creek

Dec 25, 2012 at 04:05 PM
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