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Archive 2012 · iPad Portfolio App
John Caldwell
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This app was recommended here, and based on a brief look I can imagine it being useful. I am stuck in the Full Screen Viewer mode, however, and am unable to find any means of returning to the Basic Viewer, filmstrip display, or home menu. I have tried to use the directions listed below to no avail. Thanks,

John Caldwell

"Toggle between the basic viewer and the full screen viewer by tapping the button in the top bar. Portfolio will remember which mode youíre in and open to that on future launches.

When in full screen, swipe between images to change or tap on the image to bring up the thumbnails and title bar. The thumbnails and bar will automatically hide after five seconds. Tapping on a video will not currently bring up the thumbnails and title bar because the iPadís native movie viewer intercepts all of the taps before they reach Portfolio."


Only upon deleting the app and reinstalling it did the problem resolve. Based upon my using it for a few hours, and adding content through Dropbox, I do encourage that interested folks give Portfolio a try.

Dec 03, 2012 at 03:15 AM

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