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Archive 2012 · Leave It To Beaver
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Broad Run Creek boarders the golf course where I play just about every day, weather permitting (which is has been a lot lately). Beavers have lived in the creek for ages but for some reason this winter they migrated about 100 yds. to the pond in the photo below and another just to the right of that one. I took this shot for the course when I worked there as a marshal and include it to set the scene for some shots HERE I took earlier today with my iPhone to document the damage. They aren't that good but I thought you might find them interesting.


As you will see in the photos at the link they've built a couple of Beaver condos on the banks of the ponds and gone on a tree cutting Blitzkrieg. The shots I took are only about 25% of the trees they've cut so far. At the rate they are going it the 3rd, 5th and 6th holes near the ponds will be treeless by Spring. They've cut down most of the small ones, now they are felling some which are 10" diameter and 40-50 feet tall. They have an uncanny ability to make them fall towards the water.

I'd like to catch one and train it to retrieve my lost balls which line the bottom of those ponds

Feb 05, 2012 at 02:20 AM

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