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Archive 2012 · Companies that Deliver what they Promise
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I was lucky enough to have a friend convince me to attend Moose Petersonís workshop in Arizona last November. I can highly recommend attending his workshops as Moose provided us with two solid flights and seven different targets.

The weather was not very cooperative so we didnít have the light he had hoped for as well as a few other things causing some frustration for Moose, we had to fly both of our flights the same day. Moose still managed to pull off a great week-end. The flight time of actual shooting was 41 minutes on Flight #1 and 44 minutes on flight #2, for all of the photographers attending.

I was shooting with my Nikon D3s and thanks to Rodolfo a forum contributor, selling me his D3x, I managed to shoot about 4800 pics with about 400 my mistakes. I consider my photographic skills about average, this opportunity for anyone ground bound like myself a once in a lifetime events, it was one of my best values to date. 6100 total pics for the weekend.

Moose provided great classroom instruction, the two flights, choreographed the 8 pilots with assistance of his staff, as well as providing the ground static shoot with actors/general folk all dressed in WWII garb. I hope to attend another in 2012 with Moose. A great weekend it was. My only wish was that I had the buffer of the new D4, I kept the fps slow but still had to use the D3s more than the D3x due to filling the buffers. It is definitely a two camera shoot. I was very pleased to leave that weekend on a high, real high in the air, and wanted to express my thanks when too many times the opposite is true.

Posting a few of the weekend, Cheers. Gerard

Jan 07, 2012 at 12:14 AM

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