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Archive 2012 · Bog Pod w/ switcheroo attachment

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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · Bog Pod w/ switcheroo attachment

I am an avid hunter and was in need of a quality shooting rest that I could take hunting and rely on day in and day out. So last year I picked up the Bog Pod Tripod from Cabelas to fill my needs of a shooting rest.

Recently, I bought Bog Pod's Switcheroo attachment that easily converts your rifle rest to camera tripod in seconds! I have been using the Switcheroo and Bog Pod tripod set up for the past week or two and I cant say enough about it! A+ and worth every dime IMO.

The Bog Pod tripod is rock solid, very durable, light weight, and affordable. It was perfect for hunting and carrying on my pack or in my hands all day. You dont have to use it for a shooting rest, there are many different attachments for the Bog Pods. So if anyone is looking for a quality, versatile set up this is the tripod for you.

Here is the Switcheroo:


The Bogpod can be found on B&H, Cabelas, Bass Pro, or on Boggear.com

Hope that his little review helps, if you have any questions just ask! I can supply pictures of the set up if you would like!

Jan 01, 2012 at 05:18 PM

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