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Re: Official: Leica SL3 Released!

OK. I did some more testing for shutter shock with the longer zooms I own. That's the Panasonic 70-200 f4, SL90-280, SL100-400, Sigma 100-400, Sigma 500 and Sigma 150-600. It's sunny day here with little or no breeze. Tripod was a Gitzo 3 series with an Arca Swiss D4 Geared head. I tested shutter speeds from 1/50 to 3f on each lens multiple times at multiple focal lengths on each lens. Tested with IS on and off. On tripod and handheld. Timber fence subject so zero possible movement. Distance 20 meters.

I CAN get shutter shock but the results vary widely. The 150-600 was the worst. 1/50 to 2.3f at the long end. The SL90-280, 100-400 and Sigma 500 were the best. 1/50 to 1-1.3f. All were fine after 3f. (3x the focal length). Once again the 150-600 disappoints. Above the 1/f limit the best three lenses had a very small difference but it was there.

ES and IS don't mix at these speeds. Sometimes I'd get weird results with them both on but it was often worse than IS on the mechanical shutter.

So yeah, Leica still needs to implement EFCS.

Handheld the results were quite interesting. Often the handheld shots were sharper than the tripod ones in the danger zone. Like stops better. I have no idea why. Not always but often enough I noticed it. Maybe I'm damping the system when handholding? That explains why I've seen little to no issues. I do most of my testing handheld as that's the way I generally shoot.

None of my primes showed any real differences on or off the tripod. Difference is the cameras mounted to the tripod with primes and the lens is attached with the long zooms. And my longest prime is a 100mm.

So, for me.... I'll handhold at those danger speeds as the results are just better than a tripod. And a gimble for fast moving stuff and high shutter speeds. ES when it's dead calm and for shutter speeds longer than 1/10th. Basically, no changes.

Thanks for tempting me to do this though. I learned a lot from this little rabbit hole.


Apr 13, 2024 at 07:53 PM

  Previous versions of flash's message #16523167 « Official: Leica SL3 Released! »


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