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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

I might need some kit, I think Iím losing my work Z6. Iím not ready to spring for a Zf, let me know about that Zfc? Also, you never let me know about that 20mm!

Speaking of kitÖ will someone buy that Millennium 50mm before I do?

Back to the regularly scheduled programming, another 180mm ED. Light is changing quick now. I kind of miss the gloom.

GeorgeBo wrote:
Slow and steady. Mainly slow

Fuji medium format gone with the exception of two lenses that have to go. Leaving for a short trip tomorrow afternoon so will work on moving those out next week. Along with the Zfc and 16-50 lens.

leighton w wrote:
GeorgeBo wrote:
Samy - definitely planning here and hoping for clearer skies than last time.

Here is the last rig I used. Will be different this go round and still working through configurations with the Nikkor glass so I can contribute to the thread here.

I had the camera tethered to my MacBook and then Airplay to the Apple TV in the house to get that big screen view for others to see.

saph wrote:
Talking about off topics, is anyone planning for the solar eclipse that will cut through a good slice of the US in April? I was just checking and in Maryland it will be 87%, that's good enough for me, as long as clouds don't throw water on the plans.

The recommendation is to use the LCD monitor, even after attaching a solar filter. And I think the digital viewfinders are better than optical. I am sure 7 or so years back I looked through the D800's optical viewfinder to take this one:

DSC_9298 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

This reminds me...how is the reorganizing of your kit going?

Feb 21, 2024 at 09:45 PM

  Previous versions of AdaptedLenses's message #16478143 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »


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