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Pixel Perfect
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Re: Nikon Z 400 f4.5 VR S Image Thread

OwlsEyes wrote:

I had both the 500PF and 400 f4.5 at the same time and I preferred the 400 f4.5 w/ and w/out the 1.4x to the 500PF. The time it takes to lock on to a subject felt noticeably quicker with the 400mm lens. The two other benefits (other than the FTZ thing) are the "in-focus" keeper rate and quieter VR. With the 500PF in AFC 3D animal AF, a burst would result in focused images w/ a smaller percentage being "ultra" sharp or consistently sharp. The 400 f4.5 produces a higher number of critically sharp images per burst.

In addition, I have found the 400 f4.5 to be usable with the 2x... I have produced a number of images that are far better than they should be w a 2x... so, if you are wanting an 800PF, but can't find one or afford one, the 400 f4.5 + 2x is a viable option.

BTW, I have sold my 500PF, and am now using a 400 f4.5 and 800PF. I returned my converters (within the return period) to reduce my 800PF expenditure, which arrived months earlier than expected. I will buy the Z 1.4x again, once I recover from the exorbitant expense of the 800mm PF.


Hi Bruice, thank you very much for the detailed reply and what I was hoping to hear. I also find the 500 PF seems a bit slow to lock and would also have a healthy % of not quite sharp shots in a burst.

For now I've just ordered the 1.4x as these things are quite expensive in Australia, going for $999 normally. Best price I could find on the 1.4x was $849.

I am pondering the 800 PF, but am in no hurry. I would love to see a 600 f/5.6 or even better a 500 f/4.5 with built-in 1.4x TC. I would be more than happy with 700 f/6.3 at the flick of a switch and having a full stop faster than the 800 for lower light. I know that will happen but one can dream. I'll never be able to afford the 600 f/4 being $27K in Australia, while the 800 is readily found for $9.5K.

Anyway, 400 and 1.4x should be here by the 9th Jan at the latest.

Cheers and Merry Xmas everyone.

Dec 24, 2022 at 06:51 PM

  Previous versions of Pixel Perfect's message #16128270 « Nikon Z 400 f4.5 VR S Image Thread »


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