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Re: Techart PRO FAQ

I used manual focus lenses on Sony A7R series cameras with and without the TAP for about five years. I had consistently good results with the TAP and the A7R2 but neither the A7R3 or A7R4 were at all reliable. I bought a Fotodiox Pronto to see if that was any better but it wasn’t. If you go back to page 50 in this thread (which you may already have done), @rji2goleez reports that he is more than happy with the Pronto v2. It does seem that they have addressed a number of the deficiencies of the original TAP though not, unfortunately, the most severe one—the wobble—which is inherent in the design.

After a couple of years using Leica M cameras I concluded that MF with lenses in the 28mm to 50mm range on mirrorless cameras was inferior to rangefinder focusing so I replaced my Leica R, Contax C/Y, Zeiss Classic ZE, and Voigtlander E lenses with 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm GMs. Sony for AF, Leica M for MF, which is why I decided against trying a Pronto II.

It doesn’t surprise me that you’ve had success with the TAP on your NKIR modded A7R2. What does surprise me is that Leica M to Sony E versions of either the Techart TZM-01 or the Megadap Leica M to Nikon Z adapters have been released, both of which AFAIK have addressed the wobble problem. Given the consistent interest in adapting Leica M lenses to Sony cameras—as also evidenced by the enthusiasm for the recently announced TTA 6-bit code reading M to E adapter—and therefore the bigger potential market, I would have expected either Megadap or Techart (or both) to have designed E-mount versions of their Z-mount adapters.

May 28, 2022 at 08:30 PM

  Previous versions of genji's message #15954604 « Techart PRO FAQ »


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