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Re: Is it worth buying a Nikon d850 for wildlife in 2022?

Chay Nick wrote:
Thanks for the answer. I was thinking about z6II or even z7II, is their AF similar? Can you use the electronic shutter without any problems and shoot silently?
I like the Sony a9II quite well, also the photos produced by the 200-600mm lens look pretty cool, but the weight of this lens is not that nice anymore. 2.4 kg with a tripod foot, plus 0.7 kg the camera itself is a bit big, especially since I am used to a lightweight set.

The Z6II and Z7II have the same autofocus system. The key difference between the two are the resolution and frame rate. The Z7II is about 47MP (like the D850), shoots at 9+ 12FPS, and can be shot with a silent shutter. The Z6II is 24MP and can be used at ISO 6400 w/ some minimal noise reduction. The frame rate is 12+ fps, and has a silent/electronic shutter capabilities. The Z7II will have the same noise profile if you downsample to 24mp (like a Z6ii). The benefit of the Z7ii is the ability to crop in and maintain a large file.
The AF on both cameras is robust enough to shoot everything but erratic movement. If you search my image uploads, you will see a wide variety of photos that I've made with either camera. I shot these bodies side by side with D500s (among others) for years. I think that my work speaks for itself.

Please note, however, when thing got moving or were very unpredictable, I used my D500s.

If you are starting from scratch, not married to your lenses, and can't afford a Z9... then the Sony A9ii + 200-600 is a hard paring to resist for a wildlife and nature photographer.

On the other hand, if you love Nikon ergonomics and are comfortable with their system, the Z6ii or Z7ii are good enough. This reality is especially true if you decide to keep your D500.
The decision is a hard one to make, and I almost moved to Sony,.. in the end, I'm glad I stayed with the Nikon ecosystem.

Here's a link to my uploads on FM... I always post Exif, so you will get a sense of my subjects, gear, and typical compositions... this might help you as you compare your shooting styles to mine: https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/viewuploads.php?User=10034


May 09, 2022 at 09:12 AM

  Previous versions of OwlsEyes's message #15938414 « Is it worth buying a Nikon d850 for wildlife in 2022? »