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Re: EOS-R with 400mm f4DOII. Compromised IS functionality?

highdesertmesa wrote:
ChrisMak wrote:
stalderm wrote:
Ok, we have some good news.

As said, Sertronics have been able to reproduce the problem (IS jumps with this combination). They have reached out to Canon DE (Germany), they could reproduce it, and they them self have reached out to Canon Japan. They also managed to reproduce it (as the technician of Sertronics told me) and they are working on a solution. When and if a solution will be available is not known in this stage and also how a possible solution may look like is not known.
I am really thankfully, that the listened and took their time to investigate this phenomenon.
Lets hope, that we will receive a firmware update for either the EOS R or the 400 DO II lens, or at least, that the phenomenon will not occur on future bodies like the EOS R5.

Great effort on your part! Canon may take the issue seriously, as they still have only the EF lenses when it comes to 400, 500 and 600mm primes. If these do not adapt 100% to the EOS-R5, that will undermine the seamless transition, although I still wonder how incidental our issue with the 400DOII and EOS-R was, and of course it is not at all sure if the EOS-R5 is meant to (also) act as a wildlife or sports camera.
Did you get a replacement lens or body, and did these also have the issue?

All I know is I will be thankful to everyone who beta tests the R5 for the first year. It may be the second generation R, but it's going to be first generation R IBIS – add to that the firmware controlling it all has to span two mount protocols and lens types and work seamlessly with IS.

I won't be surprised if IBIS on the R5 is an either-or proposition for EF lenses – either you choose IBIS or IS but you don't get both working in tandem.

Interesting historical comment. We got both, but the either or proposition is we can't use one or the other; it's all or nothing.

Nov 05, 2020 at 05:21 AM

  Previous versions of Methodical's message #15396154 « EOS-R with 400mm f4DOII. Compromised IS functionality? »


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