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Re: My Review of the 500PF

arbitrage wrote:
speedmaster20d wrote:
arbitrage wrote:
MatthewK wrote:
I'm not doubting that Nikon and their AF isn't great, but all of you born again Nikon shooters made incredible images for years with your Canon gear, regularly extolling its virtues in blog posts and videos, and now the same exact gear is barely able to make usable images without a hope and a prayer? "AF is all over the place and struggles mightily". Come on, man... if that were the case, how did you or any of these other shooters ever get anything remotely usable? And if it were such a struggle, why was it never mentioned?

You have a very valid point....there is a little too much hyperbole out there comparing Nikon and Canon's current AF systems. I might be somewhat guilty of that also.

Take a read through the AF section of Arash's 1DXII review and compare that with his post above. http://arihazeghiphotography.com/blog/eos-1d-x-mark-ii-field-review/

I guess things are always relative and opinions change but still....one quote from that review in regards to shooting Peregrine falcons:
"Situations like these are as tough as it gets for BIF."
"What I noticed immediately was the consistency and the stability of the AI servo tracking. I have many sequences of 30+ in-flight frames that are all tack sharp. It almost feels too easy capturing the ideal frame with the EOS-1D X Mark II."

I stand but what I said, please read the entire review, I said the 1DXII had improved compared to the 1DX. There was no Nikon D5 at that time.

Understood. As I said things are always relative and there wasn't a D5 (or D850) to relate to at the time of the 1DX2 review.

But a statement saying for subjects that are as tough as it gets for BIF being almost too easy and getting 30+ frames all tack sharp in a row, doesn't really match up with a statement saying AF is all over the place and struggles mightily. Just because a D5 or D850 is now available shouldn't create that type of opinion change about the 1DX2.

I'm also a proponent of the Nikon's newest AF system and have used it even longer (mid-2016). I've mostly switched also off of Canon. But the 1DX2 is still a really good system and can nail shot after shot of fairly challenging BIF just like yours did of the peregrine falcons back during the 1DX2 review time.

Again, The 1DX II can definitely deliver 30 or for that matter 100 tack sharp frames in a row, no doubt about that. It just DOESN'T do that every time consistently which means the AF can be all over the place and struggle mightily depending on the day....it is the inconsistency that kills it. It can nail many frames, but it misses even more.

Dec 17, 2018 at 05:01 PM

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