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Open Edition / Limited Edition / AP ...

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Just curious about different ways others approach Editions, Series, Collections, AP, etc. management.

Mar 07, 2024 at 08:01 AM
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Occasionally I sell on SaatchiArt. Print worthy images are uploaded for 2 reasons:

1) advertise the image itself
2) provide a version that SaatchiArt can print for an unlimited number of customers as an "Open Edition".

I can also choose to have a "Limited Edition" which I personally will print for customers. These are signed by me and have a certificate of authenticity signifying the image is one of a limited series of 20 (depending on the image).

Some photographers will work with an atelier (and admit to it) who will provide the Limited Edition print. Additional Limited Editions have been created when the dimensions of the image change (larger or smaller) or a different paper is used or there has been some significant change in the image (analog or digital print)

I have collections available as well, but each image can also be an Open or Limited Edition print depending on how it was created.

My Artist Proofs (AP) are just that and are destroyed. These are considered unsuitable for sale.

Mar 09, 2024 at 01:15 PM

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