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NeoFinder users! Need advice on catalog organization

TJ Asher
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p.1 #1 · p.1 #1 · NeoFinder users! Need advice on catalog organization

I posed in the post-processing forum but got little insight to trying my fellow pros... :-)

Now that my much beloved MedioPro is getting retired due to not supporting my new Canon mirrorless CR3 raw files I have decided upon using NeoFinder as my keyword/catalog software of choice. For now.

Why? Well, I started keywording in iView 20+ years ago before Lightroom existed and have kept that same catalog going throughout the various iterations of that software. I also prefer having a "lightweight" keywording/catalog solution as opposed to doing it all in Lightroom. There is also the Adobe "shackle" which I may decide I don't want anymore - different topic. :-)

All that said, I am trying to figure out the best approach in NeoFinder for catalogs.

All my photos are under one MASSIVE directory called "Photos" which is then broken up into separate sub-folders by date with the photos inside each folder named for the capture date. Hundreds of thousands of images.

Here is a brief representation:

Photos folder

2023-12-20 folder

Hopefully you get the idea of the layout which has worked well for 20+ years and is not changing.

When it comes to NeoFinder, should I make one giant catalog of the Photos folder or should each dated folder be its own catalog?

Looking for best practices for speeding up adding files to the catalog(s) as well as managing the catalogs and files and searching for items within the catalog(s).


Jan 08, 2024 at 11:16 PM
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p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · NeoFinder users! Need advice on catalog organization

Maybe you've already found the answer that works for you? From my point of view I would create a catalog of the main Photos folder. In NeoFinder you can drill down into the subfolders via the dropdown along the left side. I don't see the point of making new catalogs from individual folders, especially considering the huge number of folders you likely have. As you add more to the Photos folder on your hard drive, NAS, or whatever you're using, you just have NeoFinder update the catalog (command + U) to add those. For further organization you can create albums for specific genres, if you wish, or look into smart folders (which I have not explored, so am unable to comment).

Perhaps a benefit of creating a catalog for each folder is that you can then select a sampling of those folder for narrower searches. But I think you could also just make a catalog for each year (if you have your system organized this way) and then select specific years if you want to limit the search range.

My system is less organized than yours. I add entire hard drives to NeoFinder as catalogs and it ingests all relevant photo/video content. I have dozens of drives in the overall catalog and NeoFinder is very fast to search through whatever subset, or the full collection, I have chosen. Each drive is at least a couple hundred thousand files and my overall catalog is ~10.5M (many are duplicates because I include back up drives so that I know how many copies of a given file or folder exist).

One thing to watch out is that if you choose to have NeoFinder create relatively large preview images, the database size will be very large.

Jan 30, 2024 at 11:26 PM

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