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Re: Sony NEX-C3 first impressions

OK, folks, sorry to ruffle a few feathers. It\'s usually not my policy to police these threads, but my absolute main interest in monitoring this specific thread is to try and understand if the latest release of LR3 will repeat the results denoir reported using the Sony software with the new NEX-C3. Specifically, does the latest LR version processing of NEX RAW files duplicate the excellent corner performance of the Sony RAW software in regards to color shift and vignetting? I don\'t think I am alone, wanting to know the answer to this question.

philber noted in his post that the NEX C3 was a big improvement over the NEX5, and I too am sorry that his camera was stolen.

millsart wrote:
It was a message directed at the experience another fellow forum member had and saying sorry to hear of their loss. Its something one would think a fellow photographer would do if any of us had a loss of their gear.

In part, maybe, but the bulk of the post was self centered about bigkidneys buying habits.

bigkidneys wrote:
Jesus Philipe, I think someone has a painted target on you and your gear. Sorry to hear that but I guess it\'s one way to justify trying something new Me on the other hand, just says screw it and buys it without justification... Just picked up an X100 to go with my Nex 5 which may seem somewhat redundant but I really like the portability especially with the traveling I get to do on occasion.

Translation; If part of your gear is stolen, what a great reason to buy more. Take ME for example, I don\'t need a reason to buy more, I just do it anyway because I don\'t care. In fact, I bought a X to go with my Y, even though I\'m not sure that was a smart thing to do, and it has nothing to do with the image quality evaluation of this thread.

millsart wrote:
How might I ask does your post contribute any more specific value ??

Keeping the thread on topic?

bigkidneys wrote:
Are you kidding Jim? This post is not aimed at him in any negative way. He had some gear stolen in the past and it\'s simply a statement that he has been on the unfortunate side of stolen gear lately.

Once again, sorry to interfere with your concerns. I guess I took it wrong.

I am in fact anxious to return on topic and look forward to denoir\'s confirmation that LR RAW processing will duplicate the improved corner performance of the Sony software with the new NEX C3.

Aug 24, 2011 at 11:04 PM

  Previous versions of JimBuchanan's message #9867409 « Sony NEX-C3 first impressions »


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