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Re: Leica M8/M9 Picture Thread

Paul: Cron ASPH
Sharper and smaller, likely to hold value and last longer. But that\'s me, I suggest you keep the one you enjoy using most, and who\'s rendering you prefer.

Jim, the rangefinder system is simple.

You\'re looking through a secondary window, that isn\'t looking through the lens, it has a fixed FOV usually something wide eg. ~24mm equiv on the M9 but you have to \"look around\" to see the edges since it\'s such a big window.

In that window the camera can display framelines, these are a guide to show what would be in the shot with different FOV lenses. Framelines are grouped on the M9 into 28/90, 35/135 and 50/75.
On the flange of each lens is a tab that triggers the correct framelines, and in conjunction with the coding tells the M8/M9 which lens you have mounted.

Focusing is via triangulation. There is another window on the camera, this window sits further to the right (if looking from behind the camera) and reflects a \"patch\" into the primary viewfinder.

On the back of the lens is a cam (like a cylinder) which is connected to the helicoid and moves with the lens when it is focused.

This cam moves an arm inside the lens mount on the camera which is connected to the secondary window.

As you focus, the patch will reflect a small image from your subject at the same distance you have set on the lens, if you focus the lens until the small patch in the viewfinder \"overlaps\" the image in the primary viewfinder then that overlapped area will be in focus.

Ok, maybe not so simple but I did try to explain the system thoroughly.
To see pictures of what I\'m talking about, have a look at the dpreview page for the camera.

Because this is not TTL focusing like DSLR\'s it is impossible to accurately focus adapted telephoto lenses. Also, if you put a Mamiya medium format lens on an M9 it would be comical and unwieldy to use.

Jul 23, 2010 at 06:09 PM

  Previous versions of thrice's message #8686459 « Leica M/X/T/S/Q/ SL Picture Thread »


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