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Re: Review: Photo Clam PC-44NS Ball Head

\"it was less then adequately implemented in the beginning and redesigned w/o admission of an issue. \"

Care to clarify that/

if you are referring to the problem withthe material the clamping shoes were made of , that happened briefly in either the late 1990s or early \'00s and the problem was both admitted and rectified (I was told that they changed suppliers). My first B1 came from the early or mid 1990s (I bought it used in the mid 1990s) and never had the lockup problems some people had. My second B1 from 2004-2005 never has had the problem either. My B2 (which is actuall ya double tilt design, one aspheric ball for left /right tilt inside a larger aspheric shell controlling fore/aft tilt) from the late 1990s never had the problem either.

MArkins got traction in the market becasue they were the first to copy the look of a B1 at a lower price point. Now other companies are doing it too.

Kirk Enterprises first ballhead had to be withdrawn form the market because the design of their ball infringed on Arca-Swiss\'s patent. Until they came out with their own head Kirk was a major dealer for Arca-Swiss.

If I didn\'t have B1 Monoball heads I\'d go with the Really Right Stuff BH-55 heads. But I really do get it and understand that Arca-Swiss and Really Right Stuff don\'t fit everyone\'s needs or budget.

I\'m sure the Markins, PhotoClam, Induro, etc. heads mostly work just fine. If you buy one, and it does, enjoy it and use it in good health.

Jan 20, 2010 at 08:59 AM

  Previous versions of E-Vener's message #8028804 « Review: Photo Clam PC-44NS Ball Head »


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