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Re: Sony Planar T* FE 50/1.4 ZA tests

nehemiahphoto wrote:
Picked one up recently.

Congratulations on acquiring the lens. I really like your photos. In the third picture, the boy almost jumps out of the picture. The lens sometimes has extremely strong Zeiss pop, even though it's a Sony. I used the 50 Planar to photograph my daughter's entire childhood and took countless pictures over the years. It was my "all-rounder" for many years. It was often compared to the 85 GM/1.4, even though the focal lengths are very different. It was said that the 85 GM has a much better bokeh than the 50 Planar. So, I bought the 85 GM even though I already had an 85 Batis. What can I say - I spent several months intensively photographing with the 85 GM and then it mostly sat in the showcase for years. Some pictures were lifeless and didn't compare to the vibrancy of the Planar, no matter what I did in Lightroom. Last year, my pity was so great that I sold the GM. I used the Planar very intensively and I still own it. The pictures were simply beautiful and lively, sometimes with a very pronounced three-dimensional effect and the subject jumping out of the monitor. Skin tones were always successful and some pictures were impressive. The only downside to the Planar, in my opinion, is its weight of 750 grams. The lens could have been made lighter for sure. The 50 Planar was replaced as an "always-on" lens by the Batis 40/2. I am satisfied with f2, it weighs 360 grams, and it can take impressive pictures. Nevertheless, I am glad that I still own and can sometimes use the 50 Planar.

DSC01183 by stm geist, auf Flickr

Apr 20, 2024 at 01:08 PM

  Previous versions of Schwarzlicht's message #16528247 « Sony Planar T* FE 50/1.4 ZA tests »


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