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Douglas L
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Re: Sony A1 Image Thread

phishbone wrote:
Douglas L wrote:
A different kind of bird... or bug (F-18 Super Hornet). No cropping, slight adjustment of angle.

Ok, there's a story behind that angle, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to hear it. Dish, Doug!

Thank you Christian. Well, I signed up for a 3-day air-to-air photo shoot during the Sun N Fun airshow in Lakeland, Florida. It was my first time to shoot air to air, even though I have shot maybe 60 airshows from the ground. Obviously it's a totally different experience. In the first picture, I am the guy in a light blue shirt. My first day was Thursday, really bad weather, 30-40 mph wind, with storm coming. We took off anyway, the plane I was in was tossed around like a leave. I was sitting 2' from the open back door and I have acrophobia! The only expected join-up on Thursday was the KC-135 tanker, it didn't show up. We landed after bouncing around in the air for 40 minutes. Friday was really good, lots of join-ups, including a pair of F-18 Super Hornet. We had one flight Saturday morning, then got grounded by the FAA for certain paperwork issue. When we talked to the folks on the ground, one guy said "the FAA people have small dxck anyway"

After I got done with the airshow I did a bit birding before heading back to Maryland. Lots of files to work on. Here are some of the F-18 shots, except the last one.

"I feel the need..the need for speed"

Apr 17, 2024 at 07:53 PM

  Previous versions of Douglas L's message #16526298 « Sony A1 Image Thread »


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