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Ross Martin
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Anza-Borrego Desert

Seabassius wrote:
Great set! Probably number one my favorite followed by the palm trees, but really all great. Just added to my list of places. Where did you camp, somewhere established or boomdock?

Greatly appreciate your kind words, Sean! Iím glad you like the palms shot, I wasnít sure if others would resonate with it. I also love badlands of all kinds anywhere I can find them, and to me the ones at Borrego are some of the prettiest in America in early or late light. That view is from Fonts Point which is a 4-mile sandy and rutted road. Some 2WD cars do it but I felt better having high clearance 4WD.

There is a ton of free boondocking in A-Z and perhaps in the future I will do some of that, but on this trip I wanted to be close to the town of Borrego Springs (and the tasty little taco shop) and be near people (I get lonely sometimes traveling by myself and it helps just taking walks in a campground around others), plus I wanted hookups, so I stayed at the official state park campground of Borrego Palm Canyon. When I booked online I did not realize how nice of a site I snagged - here is an iPhone pano of the view from our campsite! To my great joy I was joined for a couple days by my dear sister and brother-in-law who were temporarily visiting family in Escondido.

Mar 17, 2024 at 06:30 PM

  Previous versions of Ross Martin's message #16500852 « Anza-Borrego Desert »


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