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Re: Official: Leica SL3 Released!

LBJ2 wrote:
Fred Miranda wrote:
snapsy wrote:
I think they could have fit one more Leica logo on the front.

Besides the oversized red logo, I prefer the Leica cameras without the white paint, like what Leica did for the SL2-S body. Perhaps they'll incorporate this style into the SL3-S, similar to what they did with the SL2 series. One aspect I don't like is the protruding LCD screen. I'd rather it sit flush with the body, like many other camera models. The same applies to the Q3.

The weight savings are appreciated, but the body still isn't light at 760 grams. The main improvement will be in AF.

No, the SL3 is still not a light weight camera. This weight will not please some on the forum.
Me OTOH, am glad Leica didn't reduce body size too much as I was worried a smaller camera body might result in some balance issue with the SL APO prime lenses. So far looks like SL3 size/weight might be a good compromise for some.

I happen to be at B&H today, where Leica had set up a table to show off the SL3. Still too heavy and large for me, sad to say.

Mar 07, 2024 at 03:29 PM

  Previous versions of johnvanr's message #16492205 « Official: Leica SL3 Released! »


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