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Re: Why are people not buying Sony's Swiss Army knife "A7cr"

LBJ2 wrote:
nhsonyshooter wrote:
liggy wrote:
Why? Because I plan on shooting more than just little primes in my travel kit. I found it worth the extra $400 to go for the RV.

Clearly prefer the EVF and joystick of the RV vs. the CR.

With a 20-70 mounted which is my primary travel lens there just wasn't a lot of space savings.

The better grip and two card slots is icing on the cake.

Yeah makes sense. Personal preference will always come into play. I'm sure I'll keep my RV but I'm getting the feeling already I will not be reaching for it near as much. Joystick for me is a none factor as tracking is so good I rarely use it on the RV. Never had a card failure and don't shoot professionally so not really worried there either. The 20-70 is great and is roughly the same size as my 35GM and I have determined that is about the largest I'd go in my travel set up. The 20-70 and 35GM fit nicely in my Temba 9 which is a perfect setup for travel for me. I can get the RV in there but I can fit a few more accessories with the CR. The better grip is something I will disagree with. Even if you keep the extension on the CR it is easier going in and out of bags without the center EVF in my short experience with both and I find the extension grip more comfortable than the RV body. But I get the RV attraction it's a fabulous camera and have been happy with mine since release. It will probably be my last full sized mirrorless camera.

There must be a market or Sony would not have continued the line with ver II or the A7cR.
Personal preference to include those that need and want small/compact FF as one of their top priorities. I also think the A7c models will however be a small compact FF camera system looking for a selection of equally small and compact AF lenses for some time to come. Sure we can mix and match larger lenses, but then almost defeats the small/compact proposal IMO and as others have mentioned the other Sony FF cameras really aren't much larger but balance better with the regular sized FF mirrorless lenses.

I'd like to see Sony put some real effort into higher premium quality native small/compact AF lenses to better match the A7c form-factor and now with the A7cR IQ. But this may not be possible with current technology and I do realize there are many happy using the current small/compact Sony G-Trio 24/40/50 lenses.

I think Sigma’s I-Series f/2 and other Contemporary DG DN lenses like the 16-28/2.8 and 28-70/2.8 lenses are a good choice for the Compact A7 full frame bodies. The keep the size and weight down. Sure not as small and light as the Sony G trio but still have aperture rings on the primes and more affordable. I can easily two three of these with an A7CII or A7CR. I really like the 35/2, 65/2, and 90/2.8 but there 17, 20, 24, 45, and 50 in the family.

Sigma is doing a lot of the heavy lifting just like are doing for Sony’s APS-C family with the 16/1.4, 23/1.4, 30/1.4, 56/1.4 and their 10-18/2.8 and 18-50/2.8 DC DN Contemporaries.

Dec 13, 2023 at 05:46 PM

  Previous versions of swldstn's message #16417691 « Why are people not buying Sony's Swiss Army knife "A7cr" »


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