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Re: Nikkor 40mm f2

Jman13 wrote:
It's fine. It's a little soft wide open (though at moderate distances there is certainly a reasonable a mount of detail. Quite sharp stopped down. Some imperfect bokeh, some CA...typical for an inexpensive prime lens. Overall, though I quite like it for the price. It isn't the same level as the Sony, as that's a more expensive lens with likely a more elaborate optical formula for increased image quality. It is also a lightweight all plastic lens.. which is expected for a lens that's about 1/2 the price of the Sony.

Note that the regular version and the SE version are identical optically and mechanically - it's just the aesthetics of the outer shell that differ.

A couple from mine:

Thank you for your response. I've read all I could about its build quality and I'm not expecting miracles of course, but from your photos I can tell that these are pretty decent. This 40/2 lens would be my main AF lens on Zf, well, I may also get 26mm one and that would be it. Rest would all Voigtlander lens

Nov 20, 2023 at 10:46 AM

  Previous versions of phinix's message #16398694 « Nikkor 40mm f2 »


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