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Re: Experiences with Reveni labs light meter

Fred Miranda wrote:

Another compact choice is the Chinese DOOMO. It's also rechargeable. Although it's not as tiny as the Reveni, it appears to be well-constructed and slightly shorter in size. It's also not as wide as the KM02:

The Analog Insights guys on youtube like the DOOMO meters. I would point out, though, that like the Hedeco meter this one has a wheel that juts out and if you wear your camera on a neck strap it's probably going to make that wheel rotate as it moves against your clothing. And like the Hedeco the DOOMO has the OLED display on top and that's going to be hard to see in bright sunlight.

I will say that the Reveni spotmeter has been really useful for harder-to-meter situations; it has quite a following among the zone system crowd since you can spot-meter different parts of a scene; it can also average two different spots if you want to ensure detail in both shadows and highlights. It's easy to carry in a pocket, but of course it doesn't mount on the camera.

I liked the incident meter but I must have been using it incorrectly as all my photos were coming back badly underexposed. I sent it back to Matt who tested it and said it was fine, so clearly it was user error; I exchanged it for the spot meter which has done a perfect job so far.

Nov 01, 2023 at 04:40 PM

  Previous versions of bjhurley's message #16380870 « Experiences with Reveni labs light meter »


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