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Re: Fuji GFX 100 II and new lenses - Pre-order / Shipping Thread

BrandonSi wrote:

himurak wrote:
Completely serious question. How do people afford cameras that cost this much?

Same as anything else really, either make a lot of money or save it over time.

In my experience, two broad categories of photographers buy such camera. (OK, maybe more than two...)

1. Professional (as in full-time or making significant partial income from photography) who are persuaded that their specific sort of photorgrahy will benefit from the gear and who do some level of cost/benefit analysis before buying. A friend who uses a camera in this range moved to it as an economy move when his Phase One back died (the new Fujifilm was less expensive than replacing the Phase One back), and because his comparative tests showed that the quality of prints from the Fujifilm files at sizes he often prints would be very good.

Most folks in this category that I know don't rush out and buy every new camera or lens, and they tend to keep and use the same gear through more than one upgrade cycle. Switching sooner than that simply doesn't make photographic or budget sense.

2. Photographers with rather deep pockets seem more prone to upgrading to the newest thing regardless of the actual cost/beneft relationship. In my part of the world there are a whole bunch of folks who made a lot of money in the tech world and/or via investments who have the wealth to buy photographic toys without much concern. (To be honest, some of them have turned into pretty good photographers and a small number have actually made photography a career.) But the bottom line is that purchase decisions for these folks don't have to be entirely rational or cost/benefit based at all.

(I'll keep the details vague, but here's one fun story. A person I knew many years ago was anything but wealthy the opposite of that actually. We fell to of touch until some years later I ran it not his person again. My acquaintance had a very expensive and exotic camera system way beyond anything that Fujifilm offers and offered to loan it to me. This person had bought it somewhat casually, not really quite understanding what it was and wasn't good for, and wasn't quite sure even how to use it... but was a generous sort. How did this come about? At just the right moment my friend had invested a tiny sum of money in something that unexpectedly turned out to be unbelievably valuable, and had sold it to a Big Tech Company for more money than most of us can imagine. You might actually have heard of or even used this thing...)

Folks can, of course, spend their money in any way they wish.

Sep 18, 2023 at 10:16 AM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #16344908 « Fuji GFX 100 II and new lenses - Pre-order / Shipping Thread »


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