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Re: Canon 5Ds R vs R5

Gunzorro wrote:
BokehBeauty wrote:
Thank you, what do you mean by the following sentence

Gunzorro wrote:
slightly more forgiving look on skin tones and areas that don't need intense contrast available in 5DsR

Also, my most liked lenses are Zeiss ZE. How is manual focusing on the 5Ds(R)? On the 5D Mk II I had the EG-S focusing screen.

I meant to say the 5Ds has a low pass filter like most "standard" sensors, so high contrast edges may be slightly muted or muffled producing smoother graduations out of camera. 5DsR lacks the "softening effect" of this filter, producing a slightly higher contrast rendering.

Back when these cameras came out we were less clear about the issues related to cameras that don't do AA filtering. (BTW, the 5DsR does have AA filters, but they are oriented in such a way that the effect is cancelled.)

When I considered the 5DsR and the 5Ds, I started out with an assumption like this — that the 5DsR might produce slightly "sharper" edges – and also that aliasing/moire might be worse on the 5Dsr — and that the 5Ds might produce images that are less sharp and perhaps "smoother."

So I tested with raw files from both bodies. But I also took files through workflows that I optimized for each camera —  just like I would actually do in the real world with any camera I use — and I developed slightly different settings for each: for example, sharpening with a smaller ratius and lower amount for the 5DsR than for the 5Ds.

In the end, any actual differences were incredibly tiny. If I inspected at 200% magnification, sometimes I could maybe convince myself that they weren't the same. But both were really good – extremely sharp and with no serious concerns about aliasing.

And when it comes to gradients, I cannot imagine how there could possibly be a visible difference. By definition, with gradients adjacent pixels are little different from one another, so the edge related issues become even less meaningful.

- - -

BTW, I also agree that thinking you are going to MF using the viewfinder on these two cameras isn't particularly realistic. First of, the viewfinders just aren't really optimized for that, lacking some of the focusing aids that come in later cameras. Second, it situations where MF is useful — for example in landscape photography with the camera on the tripod — the real live view screen is WAY more useful, especially if you use the 16x magnification display to fine tune focus.

In answer to the question, no, you cannot change out the focusing screen on the 5Ds/5DsR.

Sep 16, 2023 at 03:00 PM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #16343753 « Canon 5Ds R vs R5 »


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