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Wind Rivers

Thank you all for the kind comments.

Hi ]laveen123

Good question. Although there was wind, that is not the entire story. I carry one lens (24-105mm) backpacking to conserve weight. I focus stack images like this and I really screwed this one up. I just about cried when I got home and saw what happened. I did the best I could in post but foreground is still soft. The image would have been so much better if I had taken my time to make sure all three shots were sharp before continuing my trek. I was just passing by and wanted to get shots quickly and get moving again. Excuses excuses

scorch36 wrote:
These pics are almost magical!


Ross Martin wrote:
Congrats Dale! I've been back several times to look at these beautiful images.


laveen123 wrote:
Spectacular captures mate!! The landscapes look pristine!


jallen3 wrote:
Picture 1 IMO: The green ultra-bright area in bottom center is a bit distracting and I don't understand why it is sharp and the distance is sharp but the gold ground close to water's edge is out of focus (motion blur?)

Otherwise very pretty colors

Mar 27, 2023 at 08:57 PM

  Previous versions of DaleBerlin's message #16204646 « Wind Rivers »


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