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Re: Lindley

Peter Figen wrote:
ArtisticShapes wrote:
I was lucky enough to see him play with Jackson Brown at the Forum back in the early 80s. Nobody does a better version of Mercury Blues.
Great photo's.

As great as Jackson's shows were, they were made even better by Lindley. I saw him with Jackson at Irvine Meadows in '88. I think that Mercury Blues pretty much became David's signature song and you're right - no one did it better.

Peter, Peter, Peter!!! These are just amazing images of a lovely, lovely man. I, too caught him live during Brown's Running on Empty Tour, but was so damn lucky to actually get to meet and hang out with him later in life, when he was touring with percussionist Wally Ingram. The two of them made incredible music. We bought them a drink after a show and ended up chatting with them for 45 minutes, as I had been to Kona, Turkey, and to Rumi's tomb, and David was interested in that. When he came to our town to play at a blues bar I bought him supper while he was setting up, and again, had a decent chat. His death also caught me totally off guard. He wasn't a "friend," but it sure felt like losing one. Thanks for sharing these outstanding photos. If you can find them, the Twango Bango CDs are also fun to listen to. This is an iPhone picture of a crappy print of me with the two of them, just thought I'd share - hope you don't mind! RIP, sweet man.

Mar 11, 2023 at 08:40 AM

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