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Re: Best Camera Bag

The best bag is the one I just bought to add to my already large collection (Im only semi-joking

Actually I was just thinking the other day how much I miss the old Think Tank aesthetic and build quality. Their bags have gone all soft now compared to the likes of the old Urban Disguise (have the UD50), Speed series waist packs (have the Speed Freak), and even the Sling-o-Matic that I just picked up off Ebay and love for my 200-600/A1. Far better than the similar sized Tenba Solstice 10 Sling that feels like a toy in comparison and I really should return. I have no recent Think Tank bags at all (Mindshift excluded), although I store my gear at home in an SKB case with Think Tank interior.

Also recently bought a Lowepro Pro Messenger 200AW off EBay another bag long since discontinued yet IMO better than any equivalent LowePro has today.

Otherwise my flavors of the months are the Mindshift Backlight 18 for a limited amount of gear (my Shimoda X30 is gathering dust), the Gura Gear Chobe 16 for carrying gear around a location and as a laptop travel bag, a Peak 10L sling (v1 hate the v2) that I use exclusively for my 100-400, and various small messengers I use with an Apecase insert when I am traveling camera-light.

Mar 03, 2023 at 10:29 AM

  Previous versions of wordfool's message #16184851 « Best Camera Bag »


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