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Re: Best Camera Bag

3catsinky wrote:
Show me your bags! I currently have a think tank international V2, and I feel like it's too restrictive.

You are looking for much bigger bags than most photographers here are talking about; video gear can take up a lot of room. I have a smaller video/audio setup that I've managed to cram into a ThinkTank Airport Commuter backpack (cine camera, lenses, matte box, filters, batteries, audio recorder, mic with blimp (the bulkiest item), laptop, etc.) but it was a challenge. My tripods traveled in checked luggage.

Check out Cinebags, who have a very popular backpack for videographers and television crews: https://www.cinebags.com/cb25-revolution-backpack-mb. If it needs to be legal carry-on size your choices are a lot more limited.

Mar 03, 2023 at 10:13 AM

  Previous versions of bjhurley's message #16184834 « Best Camera Bag »


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