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Juha Kannisto
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Re: Cosina to release Voigtlander 75mm f/1.9 VM

Fred Miranda wrote:
DavidBM wrote:
Fred Miranda wrote:
DavidBM wrote:
Fred Miranda wrote:
Because Cosina is offering the single coated option, should we assume it's more like a character lens?

Maybe, but the Ultron label is normally used in recent years for modern high-end quality with a moderate fastish aperture, but not quite APO results, so on balance I'd say not.

Interesting. I always thought that Ultron is like Summicron. (so ~f/2 max aperture)

Maybe of course, but I canít think of any lens badged Ultron in recent years that is (optically) retro; can you?

I can't think of any but Cosina likes to confuse us with all their lenses' nomenclature.
Most of their "Ultron" lenses are modern designs and at the same time part of Cosina's "Vintage Line" for their styling.

I wonder if the new 75/1.9 Ultron will join the Vintage Line.

I think one of their nomenclature rules for using Nokton naming is that the lens is f1.5 or faster and Ultron is used in the >f1.5 and up to f2 range. And Heliar naming is more about the optical design and rules of Skopar and Lanthar naming are less clear to me. Skopars are usually slower than f2 and Lanthars are usually APO but of course they also have 1 APO-Skopar.

I think the ones that are characterized as character lenses have classic in their name and they are not specifically tied to any other naming convention. There are only few examples, e.g. 35/1.4 Nokton classic and 50/1.5 Heliar classic, and 50/2 Heliar classic (I have all 3), so it's difficult to say whether or not they would use classic designation with any of the other types but I suppose they could

I guess 75/1.9 might not be classified as part of Vintage Line since 75/1.5 is part of Vintage line (might not make sense to have multiple similar lens options at same FL as part of Vintage line) and the original rumor didn't include Vintage Line in the product names although it is part of the lens name usually (when applicable).

The rumor also didn't mention classic in any of the lens names so I think 75/1.9 would likely not be designed as a character lens.

According to the rumor all 4 new releases (75/1.9 MC and SC, Z-mount 50/1, Z-mount 15/4.5) would be getting officially announced within January so we should find out all the details then. I suppose the announcement might already happen very soon as usual rumors about CV lenses from Nokishita always arrived just a few days before official announcement (after all Japanese distributors had received information on the lenses).

Jan 12, 2023 at 10:53 PM

  Previous versions of Juha Kannisto's message #16142994 « Cosina to release Voigtlander 75mm f/1.9 VM »


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