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Artists At The Vineyard

Photos from a gig I was hired to photograph for a local vineyard near Portland. The owners of the vineyard needed to have content as they prepared for an aggressive advertising campaign. For this particular project they wanted to create a couple of live music videos in their main event space, which I have to say was extremely photogenic. My job was to take photos of the artists for the vineyard's social media and website, as well as behind the scenes photos of the entire production and to help the video production team with lighting. It was honestly such a fun gig and we all had a really great time making this happen, and the two performers that we filmed were incredibly talented (the performer's names are "Moorea Masa & The Mood", and "Barna Howard" if you're interested in looking them up). It was also a very pleasant surprise that on top of our pay we were all given several bottles of wine to take home with us, all of which were very tasty.

Apologies for the number of images in this post.



Some BTS shots:

The vineyard owners:

And lastly a few random shots I took in between sets that aren't portraits:

Jul 11, 2022 at 02:55 AM

  Previous versions of DanielScott's message #15989020 « Musicians At The Vineyard »


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