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Re: Official 800PF image and discussion thread

twistacatz wrote:

Incredible might be an understatement! That is just an unreal shot. And this lens handles the 2X TC like a champ. Well done!

The weight certainly make it easier to handhold and when lighting and distance is suitable, TC is a lot of fun.


NightOwl Cat wrote:
There are now two 800mm PF's currently out there, which thread is this for?

This 800mm PF

or this 800mm PF?

The first one is an F mount version 800/5.6e FL which does not have phase fresnel (PF). It is twice as heavy and about 2.5x more expensive. Z mount currently only have one 800mm which is your link and is the only 800mm that Nikon makes that has phase fresnel. There is already an official thread for 800/5.6e FL but it is not very active as I don't think many people own it due to weight and cost. However, hopefully 800PF thread would be more active as many people already ordered them.


armd wrote:
Holy Cr-p Batman! This looks promising...

So far so good


Ross Martin wrote:
Congrats! Looking good so far.



arbitrage wrote:
Thanks for sharing. Looking good.

Man 400S and 800PF is a killer combo to own. I'd buy them both if I could mount them on an A1.

Looking forward to more shots from your outing next week!!

Yes, I think this combination will be it for me for a long time. This year, hopefully Nikon will release 85/1.2 sometimes during the second half of the year then I am done with buying lenses for a while.
The benefit of Z mount, I bought Sony 14/1.8 recently as it is better and much smaller and lighter than Sigma Art 14/1.8. While AF on Techart adapter is not good like some other Sony lenses, I plan to use it with manual focus for the Milky Way anyhow

Apr 22, 2022 at 05:24 PM

  Previous versions of suteetat's message #15924337 « Official 800PF image and discussion thread »


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