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From late autumn though the end of winter I spend a lot of time photographing migratory birds in California's Great Central Valley. While I do some of the usual bird-filling-the-frame shots, I'm more interested in photographing the birds as part of the winter landscape here — so some of the photographs are less "wildlife photography" and more "landscapes with birds." (A buddy and I actually did a "birdscapes" exhibit a few years back featuring some of this stuff.)

Here are a few from the past month or so...

"Geese Before Sunrise"

"First Light, Winter Wetlands"

"Winter Geese, Wetlands Dawn"

"Snow Geese, Wetlands Pond"

"Cranes, First Light"

"Bird-Filled Sky"

And when it is too foggy to see the birds at all...

"Dormant Trees and Fog"


Mar 27, 2022 at 10:23 PM

  Previous versions of gdanmitchell's message #15901939 « Birdscapes »