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Re: Portrait of a Friend

DanielScott wrote:
airfrogusmc wrote:
Some of the very best portraits are made with avaialble light. You don't need a lot of stuff to make great portraits. You do need the ability to see light.

This is a wonderful portrait. Just wonderful!!

A great quote by one of the greatest photographers.
"Today's photographers think differently. Many can't see real light anymore. They think only in terms of strobe - sure, it all looks beautiful but it's not really seeing. If you have the eyes to see it, the nuances of light are already there on the subject's face. If your thinking is confined to strobe light sources, your palette becomes very mean - which is the reason I photograph only in available light."
Alfred Eisenstaedt

Thank you, I really appreciate that. I love both natural light and flash photography and have put a lot of work towards trying to master both, but for several years natural light was the only thing available to me. I had a lot of lighting gear stolen from me early on in my start to photography ten years ago. At the time I felt that all portraits needed flash because this is what the majority of other online photographers were trying to drill into my head, and I was going down a rabbit hole that was really limiting my perspective and in my opinion sterilizing my work. When my equipment was stolen I was forced to use only my camera, a single prime lens, natural light and a reflector. I'm grateful every day that this happened to me because I never would have discovered my love for natural lighting and I never would have developed a skill for seeing natural light. Nowadays I use both very regularly, but my experience with natural light has greatly affected the way I apply flash in any given situation, even when it's the only light source being used. Perhaps I would have come to the same point I'm at today eventually, but I like to believe I never would have developed my lighting skills without having that experience.

For me work demands it (on location studio flash) because at times I can't be in a situation where the light is right to get what I am needing. But I do try and mimic north window light when I have to. When using portable small strobes for fill I gel to match the available light and use them as fil not the key lgiht. So usually at least one stop down from available light. I like to keep things simple. Dean Collins said every time you add a light you add a problem. But I tend to use available or natural light whenever I can.

Feb 28, 2022 at 05:02 PM

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