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Re: Official: Leica M11 available for pre-order!

Desmolicious wrote:
And one more thing!.. I think those who have an M10 should be feeling pretty good right about now w.re/ to the values of their cameras. With the 11 being $9K, I don't see the 10 dropping much below $4K, if at all.

But if you recently bought an M10-R, well that kinda sucks to have the 11 dropped so soon.

Can someone explain the electronic shutter? When does it kick in as in 1/4000 is not enough, so it then turns on? And 1/16000 sounds like it could stop all kinds of high speed action, but apparently it cannot w/o distortion to the image? I am but a simple man stuck in the film era...

Fred Miranda wrote:
Yes, it now works the same as the SL system. If you leave it on 'hybrid', the camera will automatically switch to e-shutter when it needs a higher shutter speed than 1/4000s. The downside of using e-shutter is the low scan sensor rate at 1/10s, which means you will get screw (jello effect) if your subject or your camera is not still.

Thanks for the explanation. I watched DPR TV's initial review and noted the hybrid option in the shutter setting menu. I was hopeful it might be EFCS, but nope.

Another tidbit I caught from that video was that due to the new off-sensor metering method, when the camera is in single frame advance, there is a slight delay after making an exposure before you can make another one. Based on the video of him shooting in live view and the blackout time of the LCD, I'd guess the delay isn't huge (probably less than half a second), but it's still there and it is definitely something that would bother me in certain 'fluid, highly dynamic' situations where I'm used to being able to time a second or third image in quick succession. Chris noted that he instead opted to leave the camera in continuous frame advance to avoid this slight delay (I would guess once letting go of the shutter release after a sequence, the camera will be locked out briefly like after one frame in single frame advance mode).

I had a look through DPR's initial sample gallery and will say that Chris did a good job of shooting handheld at marginal shutter speeds (sub 1/125) with a 35mm lens on a 60MP camera... He did note in the video that camera shake did result in some reduced image quality, but I guess they didn't include many of those in the gallery.

Jan 13, 2022 at 01:02 PM

  Previous versions of rscheffler's message #15827874 « Leica M11 »