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Sony 600mm GM Image Thread

kdrk888 wrote:
I can only look at the pictures in this thread with envy.

Thank you, and that until you break down and get the 600mm, Douglas!

dallvr wrote:
Spectacular images! The IQ is terrific. The 600 is not in the cards for me, due to its weight and size. (I'm old, and of the female persuasion, so I know I can't handle it). But I am looking forward to using the 200-600 when it arrives on Tuesday.

Thank you, Shirley! I am not the youngest either... I know you are in CA as well but I am not sure exactly where. Is Palos Verdes within a striking distance from where you live? Do you feel like joining us a few others there?

mudlake wrote:
These are fantastic. That first one is just perfectly done. And 1/60th second. Even on a tripod that is very good. Letís see...sell all of my lenses, a car or two, take out a new mortgage, and I might be able to afford this lens. 🙂

Thank you, Eric! We live only once and you cannot take the leftover with you. So, you might as well spend it on something you really enjoy...

naturephoto1 wrote:
AGeoJO wrote:
I have been using this lens in the last 2 days at 2 different birding locations. The optical performance is just superb. Although I have been pleased with the AF performance as well but I am not 100% convinced... yet. I simply haven't had the chance to fully evaluate it. Is the AF performance better than my adapted lens? You bet! With that said it is time for me to sell both adapted lenses for my wildlife and birding needs...

Here are a few images from the last two days. The first 3 images were taken this morning. I used a tripod and my A7r III to showcase the IQ that lens can pull. The last 5 images of a burrowing owl carrying a June bug it its beak were taken handheld (phew, not easy to do that for an old fart ). The total frames of the sequence was in the high 20's, using Zone AF with Tracking. And yes, all of them were critically sharp. I am planning of using a monopod at the next outing to catch the flying action though.

As a side note: The vegetation around the spots at both locations sucks.... I wish I could remotely operate a grass trimming device . Just FYI, the images were cropped as needed and edited using LR and PS.

Thank you for stopping by. Please, please post your images taken with that lens using any Sony camera here.

Hi Joshua,

Beautiful images. I am glad that you are enjoying the lens. Are you sure you don't want to go back to your Canon 600?


Thank you, Rich! Let me think about it for a quick second... Naaah, I will sell my adapted lenses soon...

Aug 11, 2019 at 06:18 PM

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