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Re: Panasonic G9 image thread and discussion

skamaraju wrote:
Rasmus, I am eagerly waiting for your assessment of CAF on G9. G9 users in other forums seem to have same opinion as users of Em1ii have on their Oly with regards to CAF i.e not so happy with the performance.

Skamaraju so far the C-AF of the G9 has been superb for my kind of shooting. I am having some issues with birds in flight but that's mostly because I can't track them at all.

The shots above apart from the duck were all taken with Continues AF + tracking (the box around the target). The search and rescure boat was tracked at about 30 knots despite it both turning, coming towards me and then going away and all shots (but one I think) are in focus.

You can watch all full size JPG's in this folder:


Apart from a few edited they are all unedited with lightroom standard settings which means 0 noise reduction for the G9 and 40 sharpness.

I'll hopefully be able to get some more action shots soon, if nothing else some mountainbike shots on Thursday or Friday of this coming week, can't guarantee it though but will try

People say the G9 has bad C-AF because it's based on contrast detect but I suspect most of them have never tried the G9. It calculates focus with 480 frames per second which is freaking fast, it does lead to some "pumping" in the viewfinder but it doesn't bother me at all as, so far, they shots have all come out 100% sharp. I did test it on a few flying swans the other day and it picked up those as well giving me a few sharp shots in flight.

Will let you know more when I have more experience


Apr 20, 2019 at 09:45 AM

  Previous versions of Wilbus's message #14827129 « Panasonic G9 image thread and discussion »