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Gregg B.
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Re: Deep Sierras

greeneggs wrote:
Lovely photos.

(For anyone curious, these are right on the beaten track, four to seven miles from the trailhead. In #3 there are usually some tents in the way. I disagree with your policy, since it would be better if more people went out to these beautiful places, but I won't name them here.)

None of them are 4 miles from the trail head, more like 7 and 8 miles. Google is indexing and caching this website and eventually this info is available to the whole world via simple google search. Iím trying to avoid over-exposure of these places. They can be found anyway, I know that but if someone form this forum wants to know I prefer a PM message than a global exposure of the place. Thatís all!

Jul 19, 2018 at 04:57 PM

  Previous versions of Gregg B.'s message #14534600 « Deep Sierras »


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