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How to compete with expensive kit...

I was one of the instructors at a photo workshop, and I found out that the session before mine would be demonstrating some ultra-high end kit. On show as a full Broncolour strobe set and a Phase One digital back. All told, it was about $125,000 worth of studio kit being demo\'d, shooting a lovely model in a beautiful (and pricey) dress.....

So when putting together my session, I thought I\'d show what you can do for less than that cost.

As attendees came over from the previous session to mine, I pulled out a few elinchrom\'s, a sun bounce reflector and my D800, a studio backdrop and some reflector gear, had the model change into a local designer\'s dress and made a photo.

Everyone thought my point was what could be done for 10 per cent of what we\'d just seen earlier.

But I wasn\'t done....

Then when everyone was not-entirely impressed, but playing along nicely, I decided to show what could be done for 0.1% of that cost...

I moved out my studio lights, put down my D800 , and got rid of the studio backdrop and sun bounce reflector

In their place I used a $12 clamp light from Walmart with a regular 100w bulb; my second light (providing rim and background light) was a cheap 2nd hand table lamp I bought from a local consignment store for $5.99 (the lampshade provides diffusion and a nice warm tone. Replacing my studio backdrop was a $9 shower curtain I got from Target on sale, and instead of the sun bounce reflector, I used the white side of an empty XL pizza box.

And I sent my model back into the change room to put on something we\'d pre-arranged. She came back out wrapped in a table-runner I\'d bought for $2 from the same consignment store as the lamp

I think everyone thought I was nuts.

I showed everyone the stuff - and this is the stuff I used to use back in the day when I first started out doing work on the road - whatever I could get my hands on - totally improvised.

But could you make even a passable photo with this collection of near-garbage?

Shooting tethered, I then turned around and made this image.

Total cost of the set:

Main Light - $12
Background & Rim light $5.99
Shower Curtan: $9
Wardrobe (table runner): $2
Reflector: Free (with last night\'s dinner)

TOTAL: $28.99

Jan 22, 2016 at 01:23 PM

  Previous versions of Numfar's message #13384725 « How to compete with expensive kit... »


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