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Re: Photo: RRS plate on 5DS R

If I\'m using the l-bracket to use on a tripod, I\'m using a cable release, so the ability to adjust the k bracket is not an advantage.

You may not have been stopped by airport security screening because of the her key- I have. It a waste of time and unnecessary stress when traveling.

Roland W wrote:
I understand that many would like the lightest possible L bracket for the 5DS and 5DSR, but there is a tradeoff in features that needs to be considered. First remember that the new L bracket from Really Right Stuff is likely going to be similar to the two part modular one for the 7D2, and that one comes in at 5.8 ounces including the hex key. So the new one for the 5DS and SR will likely be in the 6.5 ounce range I would guess.

The RRS modular L bracket for the 5DS should end up providing several features that a 5D3 style plate would not. You will get the option to only use the bottom plate, which is common for video situations. You will get the option to mount the side leg of the L bracket either flush with the camera, or out away from it to provide clearance for cables. You will get a bracket that is more rigidly coupled to the bottom of the camera, to provide the best support on a tripod. You will likely get an L bracket that is more rigid when the camera is mounted in portrait orientation. And you will get a place to optionally store a hex wrench right on the L bracket.

The tradeoff for all of that is of course more weight, and higher cost. I am very glad for all those features, and look forward to my RRS L bracket when it ships. I do think that a lighter weight simple version would be nice to have available, but I am not convinced that RRS would ever consider designing that. Assuming that the Kirk bracket does indeed fit well, it may provide that light weight alternative.

Jun 19, 2015 at 05:40 PM

  Previous versions of khurram1's message #13068136 « Photo: RRS plate on 5DS R »


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