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Re: DualISO vs Exmor

I then took both cameras hiking to get some more real world type pictures as well as to show one of the weaknesses that I know still exists with DualISO. For all of the following pictures I metered so that the highlights were just clipping (based on the A7 zebras) and then dialed it down 1/3rd a stop. ISO, aperture, and shutter speed are identical for each scene, although the light was changing quite a bit so not all shots are exposed identically but I\'d say they\'re all within 1/3rd stop. For the first shot I was using a 40mm STM on the 5D3 and a 16-35 F4 IS on the A7 (made the weight distribution fairly even and meant I didn\'t have to constantly swap lenses), while on the last shot I used the 16-35 at 16mm for both cameras. Both shots were done at ISO 100 while the secondary ISO for the DualISO shots was 1600 for the first shot and 3200 for the last shot were I wanted to show a specific type of artifacting that can occur.

The first is a tree that had a nice dark shadow down the middle from a branch hanging just right with a bright blue sky in the background.

Zooming in we can see that the shadow from the branch is almost completely black near the branch and then gradually lightens a bit.

First, comparing the vanilla 5D3 and A7 I pushed the exposure by 2 stops and set the shadows slider to +100 in Lightroom.

We can already see that the vanilla 5D3 is falling apart in the shadows with tons of color noise and mush for detail in the particularly dark regions while the A7 still looks fine. This was were the overall exposure looked fine but I decided to push two more stops just to see how the A7 did.

By this point the 5D3 shadows are unuseable garbage but the A7 is still looking respectable, very impressive and this is the primary reason why landscape photographers have been ditching Canon for Nikon over the past two years. Well that and the 14-24. And 36MP, but I digress.

So now that we\'ve shown the A7 rules and vanilla 5D3 drools, how did magic lantern do? Again, we start off with +2 stop exposure and +100 shadows.

Whoa, huge difference compared to the vanilla 5D3. At this point I\'ll say the DualISO 5D3 and A7 are doing equally well, but what happens if we push another stop?

The two are still very close but I think the noise in the A7 has a slightly higher quality to it, still extremely close but I\'ll give it to the A7 at this point. How about one more stop.

Again, still close but I think the A7 is starting to pull away from the DualISO 5D3 now. The 5D3 seems a bit more exposed than the A7, probably from the changing light conditions, and the interpolation scheme seems to be showing some flaws at the edges of where the bark becomes washed out. Conveniently, Lightroom\'s CA removal tool works extremely well to get rid of these, but they can still show up if you push the files very hard. A win for the A7, but not by a large margin. Below, I\'m showing the dualISO 5D3 next to the vanilla 5D3 to show what an insane difference dualISO makes for the 5D3.

Sep 05, 2014 at 07:34 AM

  Previous versions of whumber's message #12559856 « DualISO vs Exmor »


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